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District 6250 Public Image Committee

The District 6250 Public Image Committee’s goal is to cooperatively create an effective public image platform that makes the clubs of Rotary District 6250 more visible throughout our communities and beyond.
Through our public image efforts, we aim to promote Rotary’s core values and present a unified image that will be an inspiration and strengthen the Rotary brand.
We are also here to support clubs’ individual public image efforts, through education and resource-sharing.

Public Image Team

     - Michelle Skemp:
       Committee Chair,  Rotary Club of La Crosse Downtown
     - Melissa
        Member Fitchburg Verona Horizons Rotary Club


Here’s what your club can do to proactively enhance your club’s public image:
  1. Use an up-to-date, on-brand Club logo. Create one for free in the Brand Center at My.Rotary
  2. Make sure you’re using the current version of the Rotary International logo.
  3. Create a website for your club. Many clubs use ClubrunnerSquareSpace, and Wix are two other low-cost and easy-to-use platforms. Use this Guide for Rotary Websites for help and inspiration.
  4. Consider publishing a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly eNewsletter. Use Clubrunner’s Bulletin feature or an email marketing platform like Constant Contact or MailChimp.
  5. Post regularly on social media. Aim for up to one post per platform per day.
  6. Submit news releases to the local media to promote fundraisers, projects, and events (templates below).


You will need a My.Rotary account in order to access the resources noted below with an *. After logging in to your My.Rotary account, clicking these links will take you directly to the resources noted. 

The Rotary Brand

Graphic Design / Marketing Materials

Social Media


Public Relations


Email Marketing

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