Member Grant Program

2018-2019 Member Grant Program

A $1000 District 6250 Membership Grant is now Available!


District 6250 has an exciting new program that we heard about from a District in Australia.  They have seen great success with membership growth with this grant program.  Not only have they increased membership, but their new members have developed many new and innovative community programs. In their district, they had 17 clubs that recruited 4+ members in under 6 months.  Each of these groups of new members have given their club a project that has engaged their community and given their club an opportunity to increase its public image.  That is growth and publicity that D6250 needs to allow us to change even more lives in our own back yard and all over the world.

The District 6250 Board has agreed to allocate $5000 for these membership grants.  This is a new endeavor that, if successful, will help grow our clubs and expand our reach.

The first 5 clubs to recruit four or more new members between July 1, 2017 and April 30, 2018 will be eligible for a $1000 grant for these new members to use for a project of their own.  These members must remain for 4 months for the club to be eligible.  Once you have met this criteria, please contact one of our membership co-chairs. 

Their contact information is – 

Membership & Retention
Mark Broses
19898 70th Avenue
Chippewa Falls, WI
H:  715-720-6236
Kaylynn Stahlbusch
647 N Jackson St
Mondovi, WI   54755
C:  503-888-7180
W:  715-839-4763

Remember that new members have to have reached their 4 month anniversary by April 30, 2019 and your club must be amongst the first 5 clubs to do so.


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