Governor`s Club Visit Schedule

District 6250 - 2019-2020 Governor's Club Visit Schedule
District Governor Edwin Bos

Assistant Governor Group Visits (Formerly DG Club Visits)
Rotary International has made it clear that there is no longer a requirement that the
Rotary District Governor visit every Rotary Club in the District. Districts and Clubs have
been given the flexibility to structure visits to best suit their own needs.
In 2019-20 Edwin has asked the Assistant Governor Groups to pick part or all of a week
during which he will take up residence in an AG Group’s area.  Those picks have been made and are displayed below.
He will then be at the beck and call of the Clubs and do whatever they ask … within reason!
Multiple activities can be done during the week. Some ideas:
● Attend a Rotary fundraiser or event in the area.
● Visit an Interact club(s).
● Have some nice breakfasts, lunches and/or dinners with groups of Rotarians.
● Attend a club meeting and have a conversation about Rotary in general or
something specific that a club is interested in.
● Move in with a local Rotarian instead of staying in a hotel.
● All ideas welcome … the crazier and more gezellig the better!
To view the clubs by AG Group - go to the District Organization Chart.
Week AG Group AG Name
Week of September 2, 2019
AG Group #6 Carol Hermann
Week of September 9, 2019 AG Group #4 Amanda Weyh
Week of September 16, 2019 AG Group #7 Judy Levine
Week of October 7, 2019 AG Group #1 Mike Kloss
Week of October 21, 2019 AG Group #10 Sherry Hillesheim
Week of November 4, 2019 AG Group #8 Mark Schubring
Week of December 2, 2019 AG Group #9 Bill Beckley
Week of January 13, 2020 AG Group #5 Rebecca Vanderloop
Week of January 20, 2020 AG Group #11 Donna Mooreland
Week of April 5, 2020 AG Group #3 Pat Boge
Week of April 12, 2020 AG Group #12 Bob Allen
Week of April 20, 2020 AG Group #2 Ben Bauer



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April 2, 2020
Grant Management Seminar
Eau Claire
District Conference
June 19-21, 2020
Fort Atkinson


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