Friendship Exchange

Rotary Friendship Exchange

The Rotary Friendship Exchange program gives Rotarians (including spouse or significant other) the opportunity to host and visit Rotarians around the world. In addition to experiencing other cultures and making lasting friendships, an exchange provides a strong foundation for carrying out other international activities and service projects.

The primary goal of a Friendship Exchange is to build greater international understanding and goodwill. In addition, exchange participants can learn how their vocations are practiced in other parts of the world, observe new customs and cultures, and promote an appreciation of cultural diversity worldwide.

Rotary District 6250 
Friendship Exchange

David Clemens is District Friendship Exchange Chairman.
Contact information
Cell phone 608-408-8941

Four Rotary Friendship Exchanges Planned for 2019: India, Australia, Netherlands and New Mexico

Contact the one of our chairpersons, either Dave Clemens at, Mark Moody at, or Mark Etrheim at mark@mchlax, if you are interested in hosting or traveling.
Rotary Friendship Exchange between our District 6250 and District 2981 in India

Our Rotary District 6250 Friendship Exchange Committee has arranged an exchange with Rotary District 2981 in India.

This district is on the southeast coast of India and includes the city of Pondicherry. We will travel to their District 2981 from Jan. 3 – 18, 2019.  Our Rotary District 6250 will host an inbound group from this district from May 5-19, 2019. Host families will be needed.

Hosts on each end of the exchange program support the visitors with room, board and some entertainment/activites and local transportation while in host city.

Rotary Friendship Exchange between our District 6250 and District 9640 in Australia

Our Rotary district has arranged a Rotary Friendship Exchange for 2019 with District 9640 in Australia which is in the State of Queensland, south of Brisbane.  A group from our district will travel to Australia from Feb. 15 to March 4, 2019.  A group from Australia will visit our district from July 12 to 26, 2019.

Rotary Friendship Exchange between our District 6250 and District 7680 in Holland 

Our District Governor Elect, Edwin Bos, has arranged an exchange with Holland in 2019. Our group will travel to Hoogeland, Warfflum, Holland, as seen on the map midway between Amsterdam and Hamburg, Germany.  This exchange will take place just before the annual Rotary International Conference. Our group will travel to Holland from May 24 to June 1, then go to the International Conference from June 1-5.  We expect a group from Holland to visit our district in the fall, with dates to be determined later. 

More details can be found on our District web site. If interested in this trip, contact We expect to determine who will go by the end of January. We expect to get more interested persons than number that will travel together. Only firm commitments to travel will be accepted. 

Rotary Friendship Exchange between our District 6250 and District 5520 in New Mexico

Our District has arranged an exchange with New Mexico. This will be the first Friendship Exchange within the United States, so language will not be a barrier. We expect a group from New Mexico to visit us for two weeks from October 3-11, 2019.  Host clubs and families will be needed.  A group from our district will travel to New Mexico from October 28 – November 5.  Please send a request to if you are interested in taking this trip. There will be more interested applicants than we can send, so only serious applicants should apply.


If you have ideas of districts you would like to visit, let your Friendship Exchange chairperson know.  These trips are a great way to see how people live in other countries.  It also helps us complete service projects, or plan new ones.  Any member can get such an exchange started, so if you have connections in another country, see if you can get an exchange rolling.  It is a great experience, available to all Rotarians and their friends.

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