The Rotary Friendship Exchange program gives Rotarians (including spouse, significant other or one family member) the opportunity to host and visit Rotarians around the world. In addition to experiencing other cultures and making lasting friendships, an exchange provides a strong foundation for carrying out other international activities and service projects.
The primary goal of a Friendship Exchange is to build greater international understanding and goodwill. In addition, exchange participants can learn how their vocations are practiced in other parts of the world, observe new customs and cultures, and promote an appreciation of cultural diversity worldwide.
District Powerpoint concerning Friendship Exchange can be found here:  District RFE Powerpoint
District Policy concerning Friendship Exchange can be found in the District Leadership Plan.  Of particular note; the policy favors first time RFE'ers in cases where trips are oversubscribed. 


District 6250 Friendship Exchange Committee Co-Chairs.  

Contact any one of our chairpersons if you are interested in hosting or traveling.  For specific RFE's listed below please note and use Team Leader contact information if it is given.

David Clemens
Cell phone: 608-408-8941
Mark Etrheim
Edwin Bos
Past District 6250 Organized Friendship Exchanges
  • District 2231 Poland, October 2022. Team Leader, Edwin Bos
  • District 3231 in Tamil Nadu, India, January 2019. Team Leader, Dave Clemens.
  • District 4920 in Argentina, August 2018. Team Leader; Mark Etrheim.
  • District 2410 in Latvia/Sweden, May 2018.  Team Leader, Dave Clemens.
  • District 4455 in Peru, November 2017. Team Leader; Dave Clemens.
  • District 3060 in Gujarat, India, January 2017. Team Leader; Dave Clemens.
  • District 2231 in Poland, October 2022.  Team Leader, Edwin Bos. Poland Trip Report
  • District 4340 in Chile, January 2020.  Team Leader, Dave Clemens.
  • District 5520 in New Mexico, October 2019.
  • District 5520 in the Netherlands, May 2019.  Team Leader, Edwin Bos.
  • District 3850 in Philippines by Fort Atkinson Interact, March 2019.  Team Leader, Jim Nelson.  
  • District 9640 in Brisbane Australia, February 2019.  Team Leader, Mark Moody.
  • District 3850 in Philippines, January 2017.  Team Leader, Edwin Bos.
  • District 3292 in Nepal, October 2016.  Team Leader, Dave Clemens.
  • District 3850 in Philippines, January 2015.  Team Leader, Darla Leick.
  • District XXXX in Australia, 2015.
  • District 9110 in Nigeria, 2014.
  • District 3230 in Tamil Nadu, India, February 2012.  Team Leader, Dean Ryerson.

Friendship Exchange News

District 6250 will have a Rotary Friendship Exchange with District 3170 in India
What:  Rotary Friendship Exchange (home and hotel stays, meetings and tours) with various Rotary Clubs and Rotarians in West Central India.  Return leg will bring Indian Rotarians to our District.  See also:  Rotary International Website RFE Information
When:  District 6250 travel to 3170 … February 4 to 14, 2023.  District 3170 to 6250 … June 10-20, 2023.  There are visa requirements in both directions, but it can be done simply on line. 
Where:  We will travel to Mumbai(Bombay), then inland to their district. We will move in their district to visit parts of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.
Who:  Maximum of 12 interested Rotarians, spouses and/or family members.  If oversubscribed / too much interest, we will use District 6250 RFE policy parameters to put the final group together.  Note that the policy favors RFE novices.  If you travel to India, you are expected to host and to enlist your club members to host when the Indian Rotarians visit Wisconsin.
How:  Details will be worked out together. We normally travel to the host city on our own, then meet our hosts. We will let our hosts organize our travel while we are there, living in their homes, while they share their lives with us. There are many rewards and challenges, with food, travel and accommodations. You can travel on your own after or before our trip, perhaps going to the Taj Mahal. Final District 6250 RFE group will meet in Wisconsin at least once prior to the trip to work out details, presentations etc.
Costs:  Round-trip cost for a flight to Mumbai, India is between $680-1250 right now.  There might be train or bus travel expenses.  Typically, as part of the RFE, you are hosted by local Rotarians. They pay for travel and home stays while we are in their district. Details are being worked out by the Trip Leaders. 
Timing:  We hope to have the final group identified by the end of October, 2022.    
Trip Leader 6250:  Rotarian David Clemens, who was an exchange student to Goa in 1971, and has traveled to this area five times.
Please contact Dave Clemens, if interested, at, or text to 608-408-8941.  Questions are welcome but please realize that very few details of the trip have been worked out.  
Map of Trip / Area

FREE Ukrainian / Polish Children's Books Below.  NO Donation Necessary.


Ukrainian / Polish Children's Books (English Versions):

Ola and Borys go to school - the continuation of the therapeutic fairy tale for Ukrainian and Polish children is here! How will I cope with school in a foreign country? How will I get along with my teachers and colleagues? How will our class be when new students come?
Before the start of the 2022 school year, Wrocław scientists published a therapeutic fairy tale that will help Ukrainian and Polish students adapt to new school challenges.  Prof. Justyna Ziółkowska from the SWPS University and prof. Dariusz Galasiński from the University of Wrocław once again headed the team that prepared the continuation of the therapeutic fairy tale "Ola, Borys and new friends". A therapeutic fairy tale is a professional tool supporting the youngest in coping with difficult situations. This time its heroes, Ukrainian children who came to Poland after Russia's aggression against Ukraine, go to Polish schools.
Prof. Dariusz Galasiński says:  We directed our first therapeutic fairy tale to children from Ukraine. We wanted to show them that they are not alone, that they are safe in Poland. The second fairy tale is directed both to Polish children and to Ukrainian children. We want to show Polish children how difficult it is to enter a school where everyone speaks a foreign language. We want to show Ukrainian children that it can also be difficult for Polish children. The fairy tale is also directed to parents. We would like them to read it together with the children and talk.
The therapeutic fairy tale "Ola and Boris go to school" saw the light of day thanks to the financial and organizational support of many institutions, especially the Heweliusz Institute, Rotary District 6250 Foundation, the Fort Atkinson Rotary Club and the Wrocław City Hall.
The fairy tale is free, you cannot sell it, you can only give it to someone. Please contact us, if there are institutions that would like to print further editions, please contact us  - summarizes prof. Galasiński

Link for Free Download or View Link Book #1 (Ola, Boris and their new Friends). 

Link for Free Download or View Link Book #2 (Ola and Boris go to School).


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