Rotary District 6250 typically processes reimbursements expense requests once per week. Please email the reimbursement requests utilizing the form on this page to along with all applicable receipts.

We request that you send in your reimbursement form within two weeks (but no more than one month) of incurring the expenses. Timely submissions allow the District to have a more accurate picture of our actual performance compared to our budget.

In an effort to be more efficient and to save money, please consider completing the banking information section on the reimbursement form. If you provide us with your banking information, the District can reimburse your expenses via ACH which means that the reimbursement funds will show up directly in your bank account.  ACHs allow the district to bypass the USPS (e.g. saving money and time) and prevents you from having to deposit a check into your account.

If you are uncomfortable emailing your banking information, please send an email to and Todd Restel, District Governor Elect or Dick Spencer, District Finance Chair will work with you to get a phone call set up between you and Hawkins Ash.

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