Community Serivce

The District Community Service Committee works with clubs to develop local service projects that address your community's needs. We encourage clubs to follow the lifecycle of a project and use Rotary's online tools for planning, implementing, and evaluating. We also encourage clubs to visit Rotary Showcase to find project partners and browse for ideas. Rotary Community Corps is a subcommittee we're hoping to develop to bring the power of RCC to our clubs!

The three goals of the Community Service Committee are:

  • Promote vocational service by encouraging club members to use their talents and professional skills to plan and carry out service projects.
  • Motivate clubs to provide community service and highlight successful projects.
  • Assist clubs with community service by connecting them to best practices and resources, local organizations, district committees, and other Rotary groups focused on service and helping them sponsor Rotary Community Corps to formalize their relationships with key community stakeholders.
One of the most valuable things the Community Service Committee does is share ideas and connect clubs that are looking to expand their community service. Check out some of the project examples below and please share your projects with us so we can share more ideas and resources with our clubs!
Community Service Project Examples
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