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Virtual RotaryFest Recording


Welcome to Virtual RotaryFest 2020!
Crawl out of your bed. Grab your mug and fill it with your favorite coffee. Sit down in your favorite chair.  Tune your computer to Virtual RotaryFest and listen for the soothing and familiar voice of Winston Churchill as he kicks off the morning with a little inspiration. Be seamlessly transported to the Rotary International Virtual Convention and back again.  Magic? No. Intermission? Yes!
Go to your fridge and grab your favorite snack and your favorite beverage. Scratch your dog’s back. Go to your bathroom. Come back to your screen. Hang on! Speed visit your District’s 60 Rotary clubs, people and projects; all your exchange students and all your projects here and around the world. Meet and talk with your fellow Rotarians (from near and far) in virtual breakouts. The Grand Finale … let’s keep a few surprises!  Its over? Wow! and your Saturday is still young and has just begun!

Edwin Bos                                  Bob Jonas
District Governor 2019-2020     RotaryFest Chair 2020

Saturday, June 20 , 2020
7:00 am 

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7:30 am 
Winston Churchill ... our Emccee for the Morning!
  • A Presentation on Various Topics ... sorry we don't know what he's going to say!
8:00 am
Virtual RotaryFest will seamlessly join the Virtual RI Convention!
  • Together We Connect – Virtual RI Convention General Session 1
9:15 am

Conclusion of the RI Convention for June 20th
Virtual RotaryFest Intermission
During Intermission:  Fort Atkinson "What Might Have Been" and a heavy dose of Fort Atkinson promotion from Fort Atkinson Rotarians who hold out high hopes that you will still come and visit someday.  It is what we are calling RotaryFest ala carte !!!
9:30 am



From the RI Virtual Convention We're Back in Wisconsin - a Special Video Surprise as we visit our Clubs, our Projects and our many Exchange Students.  All in a Whirlwind tour around Wisconsin and the World!  Where has our lift off taken District 6250 and its Clubs this year?

9:50 am
Virtual Break-out Sessions with Worldwide Participation!
  • Virtual Break-out Sessions.  What did you think of the RI General Session?
  • Youth exchange students, international visitors and Rotarians from District 6250 randomly assigned. 
10:20 am
Panel on US Government Policy and Youth Exchange. Does Rotary Have it Right?
  • Cayla Hantzsch.  Panel Lead and Senior Program Officer, American Councils for International Education, Washington DC.  Originally from Baraboo, Wisconsin.
  • Linh Vo.  District 6250 Rotary Peace Scholar, Duke University.  Originally from Vietnam.
  • Holland Foelker – District 6250 Rotaract UW Platteville & UW Madison.  Originally from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.
  • Isha Paudel – District 6250 Interact & Rotary Youth Exchange Student.  Originally from Nepal.
10:40 am

RI President’s Representative – PDG Ronnie Gabalda, District 3850, the Philippines
  • Program under development in the Philippines.
  • Program may include special drink recipes and lessons.
  • Special guest appearances by a number of Rotary District leaders in the Philippines.
  • Dancing, music ... we have no idea.
11:00 am
Grand Finale and What’s Next for the Girl from Nepal
  • District Governor Edwin Bos
  • Announcement of 100% TRF Goals met by all Clubs??
  • Announcement of 100% TRF $100/member average met by all Clubs??
  • Other Accomplishments this Year.
  • The Girl from Nepal – What’s Next?
  • Special Recognitions.
  • Emcee:  Conclusion and Thank You’s!
11:30 am
Virtual Lunch - Grab Your Favorites Out of Your Own Fridge!
12:00 pm
The Annual Meeting will be held in a separate zoom call.  Please make sure to go to both registrations if you are attending both sessions.

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This year - there are no fees to attend!  
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