How a small Rotary Club had an impact on the fight against this enduring disease.
  • The Idea: Hold a World’s Greatest Meal at the weekly meeting of the Fitchburg Verona Horizons Rotary Club. ( Because everybody eats and Rotarians gather around food.
  • The Invitation: Ask the Co-chair of the District’s Fight to End Polio Committee, Randy Sproule, to be the program for October.
  • The Offer: When Randy learned that he was part of our World’s Greatest Meal, he surprised us with an offer to match our pledges dollar-for-dollar up to $2000.
  • The Response: Randy’s powerful and personal presentation resulted in $755 from fewer than 10 of 23 members present. Following the meeting the club President sent an email with the offer to all members and more pledges poured in. The total reached $2450.
  • The Result: A small club of 23 members created a donation of more than $13,000 to help end polio.
To learn more about Worlds Greatest Meal find them on Facebook or visit their website here.
Lynn Perez-Hewitt
Fitchburg Verona Horizon Rotary Club