July 1, 2021 did you know what you would be doing three years in the future?  Maybe not.  Todd Restel knew.  He knew because July 1st three years ago he took his first steps on the District Governor path that would lead him step by step through DGND*, DGN**, DGE*** and now …DG.
Rotary practices rigorous succession planning and so does Todd. As Chief Financial Officer of First Supply Corp he was part of their internal corporate succession planning process. Sadly, but gratefully, that plan was activated by the untimely death of the CEO. With the succession plan in place the company did not miss a step. And without the stress of uncertainty about the company, staff at all levels could mourn the loss of someone they had known and respected.
Rotary’s succession planning at all levels ensures continuity and reliability. We can as individual members, and leaders, be confident in the thorough preparation of these carefully selected individuals on each step of their Rotary leadership journey.
*District Governor Nominee Designate
**District Governor Nominee
***District Governor Elect
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