With this report we would like to update you with the current status of the Social Kitchen project.
Thanks to your financial support this project could kicked off in 2019.

RC Olsztyn Varmia worked hard together with Food Bank in Olsztyn to renovate the venue and buy the
gastronomy equipment to open Social Kitchen. As reported last time, just after the opening in September 2019, fire destroyed 2/3 of the building, where Social K itchen is placed. The losses were estimated at about €1 million. With great support from local, regional and countrywide communities and also insurance coverage (80% of the losses) the venue has been restored again. It was ready to re open in March 2020.  Then, COVID 19 stroke in Poland and Olsztyn, which paused the launch of the face to face trainings.
Finally in May 2020 the first gastronomy vocational trainings were initiated. Together in May and June, 6 trainings took place, which engaged 80 participants and lasted 48 hours.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Edwin Bos