Rotary Friendship Exchange – District 6250 (Wisconsin) and District 3850 (Western Visayas, Philippines) – Open to All District 6250 Rotarians.
For those interested; this Friendship Exchange will tie into the Rotary International Convention in Singapore which you can attend independently.  Alternatively, independent additional time at the famous Boracay resort island can be added to the end of the trip.
Please read fully … contact Edwin Bos at if interested.  If you don’t receive a confirmation your interest HAS NOT been noted.  Please resend.
What:  Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE = home and hotel stays, meetings and tours) with various Rotary Clubs and Rotarians in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines.  Return leg will bring Filipino Rotarians to our District.  See also:  Rotary International Website RFE Information
When:  District 6250 travel to the Philippines in late May 2024.  District 3850 travel to Wisconsin in Fall of 2024.  No visa or immunization requirements in either direction, just a passport.  Tentative schedule:
  • May 16         Fly out of Chicago.  Chicago-Manila-TBD
  • May 17         Arrive in Western Visayas, Philippines.
  • May 17-27    RFE
  • May 25         Depart for Singapore for those interested.
  • May 27         End of RFE. Depart for USA or for Singapore
  • May 25-29    RI Convention in Singapore
Where:  Rotary District 3850, Western Visayas, Philippines.  Exact itinerary being developed.  This is the Home District of our District Administrator, Megs Lunn.  Over the past decade, Megs has been involved in two District 6250 RFE’s to her District as well as visits by a 6250 Rotaract Club and a 6250 Interact Club.  Various Rotary projects have been completed or are underway in her District with many of them involving District 6250 Rotarians and Clubs. There is no doubt that we will see friendly and often familiar faces wherever we travel 😊.  See also map below.  Interesting side note: due to the strong historical connections, the 120 million plus Filipinos in the world have a very positive view of the United States and of Americans.
Who:  Maximum of 12 interested Rotarians, spouses and/or family members.  If oversubscribed / too much interest, we will use District 6250 RFE policy parameters to put the final group together.  Note that the policy favors RFE novices.  If you travel to the Philippines, you are expected to host and to enlist your club members to host when the Filipino Rotarians visit Wisconsin.  Typically hosting is for 2-3 days in three or four different District 6250 cities.
How:  RFE (10 days or so), must be willing to let others organize your life and to go with the flow during the RFE.  Private travels both before and after the complete RFE are your choice.  Final District 6250 RFE group will likely meet in Wisconsin at least once prior to the trip to work out details, presentations etc.
Costs:  Round-trip cost for flights to Manila are around $1,500 right now.  There will be some local travel and other expenses.  Anticipated is that these will be approx.. $500 per person.  These details are being worked out by the Trip Coordinators and Leaders. 
Timing:  We hope to have the final group identified by the end of January 2024.
Trip Leader 6250:  Rotarian Aaron Frank and his wife Dawn.  Aaron is currently organizing our District Administrator Megs Lunn’s visit in District 6250 which will take place in the spring of 2024.
Trip Coordinator 6250:  Rotarian Edwin Bos (not traveling).
Trip Leader 3850:  TBD.
Trip Coordinator 3850:  Rotarian Megs Lunn (not traveling).
Please let Edwin know if interested at the e-mail given above.  Questions are welcome but please realize that very few details of the trip have been worked out a this time.  Firm interest appreciated.  At the end of January final participants will be asked for a $500 deposit which will be fully refunded upon return.  Sorry to have to do this but we need to be certain that we only have seriously interested people signed up and that everyone participates in the FULL RFE.
Map of Trip / Area