Rotary Club of Sun Prairie Disaster Grant 2020

Check out the impact that the Rotary Club of Sun Prairie made on their community through the use of their COVID-19 Disaster Relief Grant!

Final Report for District 6250 Disaster Response Grants - Rotary Club of Sun Prairie

We received a grant from District 6250 for $711.00. This money was used to help purchase food for our local Sun Prairie Emergency Food Pantry during the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis. Many people in and around Sun Prairie depend on the local food pantry for feeding their families. It is especially critical during this time when many people are not working or working less and can’t afford food. The Food Pantry has seen record numbers of people needing their services this year. The Rotary Club of Sun Prairie has a long-term relationship with the Food Pantry. We volunteer on a monthly basis stocking shelves and aiding as needed. In addition to the $711 grant money we also donated $489 additional dollars for a total of $1,200. Total number of people impacted is estimated to be 177. This year we also awarded the volunteers of the Sun Prairie Emergency Food Pantry with our local “Service Above Self” award for their dedication and service during this critical time.