Welcome to October! It may be difficult to believe, but you are now 25% thru your year as Club President. As you look back over the past three months, what have been some of your highlights? How is the club doing in regards to the goals that you have set for the year?

Quarterly turns make great opportunities to review where you stand. You are at the first quarter poll. Take the opportunity to visit Rotary.org – go to your “My Rotary” page, and visit goal center section of Rotary Club Central. Update your goals while you are there – are there any that you have already achieved? There is some really low hanging fruit here… has your club had a discussion on your club’s Strategic Plan? Have you made an update on your clubs Facebook page? Have you had any social activities during the first quarter? Have you made a post on Facebook using Rotary promotional materials? All of these goals are found under the “Public Image” tab within the Goal Center. I’d bet that at least 2/3rds of you would be able to achieve at least two or three goals on this tab alone!


Heading into October, I have completed 50 of my club visits. By the end of October, I should have visited each club interested in having the governor stop by virtually. I have also visited 22 club board meetings. I would love to visit one of your existing club board meetings. I don’t bring an agenda or even a program. Instead I am there to listen to the real workings of your club, and to be a resource to you and your board if I can answer any questions or connect you with the resources that might help you achieve your goals. It’s been fun – I hope those clubs that I have visited have thought so as well. If I have not visited your clubs board, please reach out to me at Prosapiaeo@gmail.com and let’s get something onto the calendar.

Rotary recognizes October as Economic and Community Development Month. October 24th is World Polio Day. The District Dispatch this month will provide you some direction on opportunities to help focus your clubs Polio direction. Have fun with it – in this time of COVID it feels good to help in our communities and around the world. We are so close to wiping out POLIO – let’s get to the finish line.

Enjoy your month. Stay strong and focused. Thank you for the efforts and for stepping up to be the President of your club. It is an honor to work with all of you – do not hesitate to reach out to your Assistant Governor or anyone on the District Governor team if we can be of service.

Stay well and healthy!