Rotarians around the world are celebrating the impact of The Rotary Foundation in November. We celebrate by remembering the impact our support is having to eradicate polio, fund humanitarian community projects sponsored by clubs, and the ways in which our work helps create peace by alleviating need where it exists.
Rotarians also celebrate by renewing their commitment to support The Rotary Foundation. Rotarians are encouraged to Support the Annual Fund/SHARE program that generates funds for use as matching grants by our District and the Foundation’s Global Fund.
In District 6250, your support means that we are supporting 15 active global grants and 12 active district grants. Because of you, we still have $125,000 to match Global Grant projects and $60,000 to match District Grant projects this year.
This is Our Rotary Foundation because Rotarians contribute the funds and Rotarians determine how the funds are used. Make your commitment today and work with your club to identify projects that can put these funds to use. And don’t forget, Rotary Direct makes it easy to give without reminders.  
Thank you for supporting Our Rotary Foundation so generously!