District 6250 Hybrid Meeting Task Force

I am writing this month’s article from my hotel room in Itasca, IL while attending the annual Midwest PETS training. If you are not aware, PETS is where all incoming club presidents (a.k.a. PE’s) come to receive almost two days of training on how to successfully take on the role of club president.
In a district wide breakout session yesterday our incoming district governor Ben Bauer led a session in which he asked every attendee, both in person and virtual, to state one or two goals or a vision they held for their upcoming year. With almost every club represented, nearly sixty in all, the majority of PEs said, “reengage club members” and/or “grow membership”.
What does this have to do with hybrid meetings? As mentioned in a prior article, we are not going back to what some would say are the “good old days” or “back to normal”. We continue to evolve and hybrid meetings are a part of this evolution so let’s embrace the technology and use it effectively to help reengage club members and help grow membership. 
Effective use is where our task force can help. Last month we provided a few tips on boosting member engagement. You can use this link to see the February 2022 article. This month our topic is improving member experiences through technology-based tools. If you have ever shopped for anything electronic you know there are oodles of choices and that in itself can be overwhelming and an impediment to going shopping.
The good news for you is that we have already done the shopping and chosen equipment for both small and larger clubs. By accessing this link to recommended equipment you can see pictures of the various pieces and there are hyperlinks on the equipment that will take you right to Amazon. If you are not sure what equipment you need, take a look at this small club equipment layout or the large club equipment layout for guidance.
If you have any questions on the topic of hybrid meetings, please do not hesitate to contact me at mdag6250@gmail.com. We are here to help you figure out what to buy and how to set it up.
Mike Dillis
District 6250 Hybrid Meeting Task Force Chair