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The Midwest PETS facilitated valuable discussions among the incoming district team, enabling them to learn about one another, their respective clubs, structures, nature, and impactful projects. The shared focus was on unity, diversity, and continuous learning. Congratulations to all attendees of this recent event.
Rotarian Jacquelyn Lahn, the former president of the Rotary Club of Eau Claire, happily presents the raffle basket as part of her duties in one of their meetings. Many clubs organize raffles to raise funds, highlighting the enjoyable side of Rotary activities as always.
Admin Megs had a wonderful trip recently to Wisconsin. Her first visit to the state was part of a Rotary Friendship Exchange back in 2015. Despite Covid-related disruptions, she has visited our district regularly, either through Rotary Friendship Exchanges or as a speaker at events beyond Rotary. During her recent visit, she reconnected with our D6250 Rotary Friendship Exchange outbound team to the Philippines from the Rotary Year 2014-2015, led by PDG Edwin Bos. Another RFE trip to the Philippines is in the works for this summer.
Governor Michelle McGrath from D6250 visited the Rotary Club of Columbus Fall River last month, where President Libby Gilbertson presented her with a speaker's gift following her talk. The visit was both enlightening and impactful, with Governor McGrath spreading hope throughout the districts. Her presence at the club is one of the pivotal moments in her journey as district governor.
Justin Bodin, co-President of Rotary Club of Holmen Area, was named Rotarian of the Year for raising over $25,000 for children in Peru through fundraising efforts. He has received Paul Harris Fellow recognition three times for his contributions and service to the club, serving as an inspiration for using talents to help others.
Rotary collaborates with the School District of Fort Atkinson to honor a Rotary Educator monthly. This month, Ashley Stewart, a counselor at Purdy Elementary, was recognized for her diverse roles in supporting students. Principal Mary Kilar praised Stewart's dedication. Dr. Rob Abbott, Mary Kilar, Ashley Stewart, Justin Stewart, and Leigh Ann Scheuerell were present at the recognition event.
Noelle Riser, a student at Madison Memorial High School, was honored for her commitment to her goals and involvement in the Life Skills team and school activities. Described as kind, caring, mature, helpful, and independent, she received the Outstanding Student Plaque from Rotarian Mike Cerniglia.
Minda Dentler, a polio survivor and immunization advocate, shares her inspiring journey in the book "The Girl Who Figured It Out." The book tells the story of her resilience, determination, and triumph as the first female wheelchair athlete to complete the Ironman World Championship triathlon. Despite facing challenges after being paralyzed by polio as an infant in India, Minda's perseverance and dedication led her to achieve remarkable athletic feats and inspire others to overcome obstacles.
Rotarian Wayne Barcus, with a long-standing membership, shared captivating stories from his 60-year career as a veterinarian. His tales were so fascinating that his club eagerly invited him to return and share more anecdotes with them.
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