Karen Kendrick-Hands and Larry Hands – Arch C. Klumph Society
Karen Kendrick-Hands and Larry Hands are members of the Arch Klumph Society, The Rotary Foundation’s highest recognition. Their story is about Rotarians with a passion for children and their future that lad them to concerns about our environment. Their journey to establish Rotary International’s seventh focus area, a Rotary Action Group, and back that passion with significant gift to The Rotary Foundation. 
Larry Hands’ Message
The Rotary Foundation Arch Klumph Society
TriCon Donor Recognition Event
April 28, 2022
I am Larry Hands, and my wife is Karen Kendrick-Hands, a co-founder of ESRAG (The Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group.) We are both members of the Madison Club. I am also president of a family foundation created by my Mother.
I am going to talk about how Karen and I decided to become Arch Klumph Society members. We are blessed to have the resources to make this stretch commitment at this high level. Let me remind you, though, that everyone, no matter your wealth, can make a carefully thought out stretch commitment, consistent with your capacity and your mission.
The economy has three sectors; Business, Government and Non-Profits. This third sector is society’s conscience. Rotary has earned significant “Social Capital” with our volunteering and generosity as a non-profit.
Before we invest in Rotary, we need to love what Rotary is all about. For Karen and me, that includes:
  • Serving youth and children
  • Growing human capacity—all the leadership training at this conference and throughout Rotary. My human capacity has grown significantly through Rotary
  • Good values: 4 way test, is it the truth, does it build goodwill, etc.
  • Service - Every Rotarian is encouraged to do service through Rotary
  • International -Working in the international sphere energizes Karen & me
  • Global Distributed network of community leaders—This is really powerful
As our family foundation worked to focus its mission and increase its power, we were told this parable:
Pretend you are offered the job of CEO of a big auto company. You are really excited about the opportunity, and then
the Chair of the Board tells you, that you have full rein over everything about the company but you can only work with 5% of the company’s resources. The bank is managing the other 95% to maximize returns in the way they see fit—you have no say with that 95%. I would not like the idea of being so hamstrung while being in the hot seat to improve the company!
This is how Foundations typically work, giving away 5% per year while the bank keeps the rest. It is also perhaps how your own personal giving works. Only a small percentage of your assets and work are used to support your personal mission, the rest of your assets are managed by professionals who have trained you that your only concern is to maximize return.
I am pleased that The Rotary Foundation has developed and approved an investment policy as a first attempt to match the Mission of Rotary to the Foundation’s Investments. The Rotary Foundation’s decision to do mission-oriented investing was a prerequisite for Karen and me to make the commitment to be Arch Klumph Society members. When we give, we like organizations that use all of their resources to work towards their mission. This is a mixed capital approach to affecting change and as you can imagine, it can be quite powerful.
We are also thrilled that Past President Mark Maloney led the charge to include the environment as one of Rotary’s Areas of Focus. We at ESRAG have been pushing Rotary in this direction since we were formed. We have been blessed with multiple RI presidents that stepped up to work on this. Now we can direct our giving to Rotary to Support The Environment---that was the inspiration for us to make the jump to the commitment inherent in being Arch Klumph Society members.
This is the beginning of our story. To read more about what we have done so far, click here.   I would love to hear your story throughout our time together this weekend. Track me down, and we can talk.
Thank you.
Larry Hands
Rotary Club of Madison District 6250