Thanks to the Dental Care in the Isolated Municipalities program organized and implemented as a Global Grant by Districts 2470 (Southern Greece) and 6250 (Wisconsin, USA) of Rotary International, several thousand citizens in isolated areas of the Southeastern Aegean Sea in Greece can now enjoy dental care. So, instead of going to other larger islands and wasting time, especially in times of difficult climatic conditions, they now have the possibility to have dental care in their place. Specifically...
Spe-cifically, one complete dental clinic was donated to the :
  • Vathi Public Hospital in Island of Samos,
  • Agathonisi Island,
  • Fourni Island,
  • Lipsi Island and
  • Symi Island (see map).
In the Global Grant, apart from the two Districts, the R.C. Kifisia, Kos, Rhodes, Samos, Penteli, Ilioupoli from the 2470 District and the R.C. Wisconsin Dells from 6250 District participated. The total expenditure amounted to 67.179 dollars. The proposal was submitted to the Rotary Foundation on 17/9/2019 and approved on 22/10/2019. Immediately after, the equipment was ordered. Unfortunately, due to the restrictive measures of the full lockdown due to COVID 19 in Greece, it was not possible to transfer the equipment in time within the year 2019-20. Immediately after the end of the lockdown, in the summer of 2020, the workshop installed the equipment of the dental clinics on all the islands and therefore, the dental clinics started operating. The initiative taken by the two Governors 2019-20 of the Districts Edwin Bos and Theodore Panagos inaugurated a period of cooperation and solidarity between the Rotarians of the two Districts that we hope will continue in the future. Finally, this initiative was welcomed by the residents of the above islands who gratefully thanked Rotary for this important donation.

Click here for a final report on this global grant.