As of April 1st, 21 clubs have submitted their Club Application for RYLA accounting for 75 students for this year’s event. This is a great start and we have more room! Thank you to the clubs who have already submitted their info. Several of those students have already submitted their Student Registration, which is due by April 15th.

If you’re with a club that is planning on sending students to RYLA but have not submitted your Club Application, please do so ASAP (Due April 1st).

If you’re with a club that has already submitted your Application, next steps will be to have your students complete their Student Registration (Due April 15th).

We’ve got an amazing event taking shape with some long standing RYLA traditions as well as some new aspects that we know are going to help us deliver another life-changing event! Please see the deadline schedule below and contact me if you have any questions or need any help at all. Thank you!


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