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The Webinar files are too large to watch "live" on the web. You will need to follow these instructions to watch them on your computer.

  1. Right-Click on the Webinar's link
  2. Select "Save As" from the menu
  3. Browse to a location on your computer where you'd like to store the Webinar file
  4. Click OK
  5. Wait for the download to complete
  6. Open My Computer and browse to the folder where you stored the downloaded file
  7. Double-click the file to begin play

The file will open in Windows Media Player, or the media player you've chosen to play .wmv files. If you have not declared that file type, you may be asked which Media Player you'd like to use. You may select the one with which you are most comfortable


June 15
AG Training - Club Runner
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Jan. 10
The Rotary Foundation — An Overview

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Jan. 17
The Rotary Foundation — Matching Grants

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Jan. 31
Social Media

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Nov. 22
Every Rotarian Every Year and Paul Harris Fellows Explained at Last
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Dec. 6
The Club Rotary Foundation Chair — Don't we already do that?
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Dec. 13
District Simplified Grants —
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