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Beloit Rotary ........ Heh Marshfield Noon, We're 100 Years Old!

The Beloit Rotary is celebrating its' 100th year on September 10th at the Rotary River Center in Beloit.  Guest speaker will be Past General Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation, Ed Futa.  

During the past 100 years there has certainly been a connection, whether small or large, between a Rotarian from your club and a Rotarian from Beloit.  So in honor of those past connections buy some tickets below and join the Beloit Rotary Club in celebrating this important milestone in their history. 
Deadline to purchase tickets is September 4th.
Marshfield Noon Rotary ........ Heh Beloit, So Are We!

Beloit is not alone ... the District's most southern club is joined this year by  one of its most northern clubs as Marshfield Noon will be celebrating it's 100th anniversary during the evening of October 7th. 

Like Beloit, Marshfield has a proud history of service within its community and around the world.  More details will be forthcoming in the October eBulletin and by other means.  In the meantime save the date!

District Governor's Message

Dear District 6250 Rotarians,

Always allow your elders to go first and 100 years definitely makes you an elder ... so to the top of the eBulletin you both go!  Congratulations Beloit and Marshfield Noon!  I 'm hopeful that many District Rotarians will be able to make it to your celebrations and that even more will send you their congratulations on the century of service you have rendered to your communities and to the world.

Two weeks ago I spoke at the Janesville Noon Rotary Club's Making the Grade celebration at Traxler Park in Janesville.  The celebration was part of a huge corn roast and even "huger" mud volleyball tournament!  With school about to  start and with Outbound Youth Exchange deadlines coming up; I decided to use the opportunity to talk to the parents and students about Rotary Youth Exchange and the incredible value it represents to our students here in District 6250.

I am happy to report that our District's Inbound hosting commitments for 2020-21 are already up and that we have many more Clubs either still planning to take a student or busy setting up their Youth Exchange infrastructure so that they can begin hosting in 2021-22.   

What does that mean to you as a District Rotarian?  It means  more Youth Exchange spots available for your children, your grandchildren and for other interested young people in your communities.

My Janesville talk is in the Read More link below ... learn more about the $24,000 "scholarship" that Rotary Youth Exchange offers and be convinced that Rotary Youth Exchange; whether Inbound Hosting, Outbound Participation or Short-term in the Summer; might be a great move for yourself or for someone you know.  If your club is not involved in Youth Exchange (but you want it to be) than take it upon yourself to get engaged and get your club involved ... I can guarantee that you will be changing lives.  We're lucky to have the "Best in the Midwest" District Youth Exchange Committee right here in 6250 ... trust me, they are just itching to help you with whatever you need.

All the best and hope your having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Edwin K. Bos

Pigs in Zambia?  Just ask Lodi Interact!
By  AG Carol Herman, Group #6
The Lodi Interact Club established a piggery in the remote village of Munyambala, Zambia in an effort to provide sustainable food security.  In August the Club completed the first sustainable piggery in the village of Munyambala, Zambia in coordination with Peace Corp and Rotary International District 9210.  Lodi Interact financed the building of the first pig pen as well the purchase of the first 6 pigs for the sum of $1,000 USD. 
District 9210 (Zambia) Governor Douglas will maintain news and correspondence of the current piggery and any future piggeries in Munyambala and the Lodi Interact Club has direct video, audio, and photo contact with the Peace Corp worker in the same area.  Lodi Interact has been requested by District Governor Douglas to mentor a new start Interact Club in Lusaka Zambia in an effort to establish their club, become sister clubs, and coordinate projects in the future.
Read More below for all the details!
Rotary Disaster Relief Fund and Hurricane Dorian
By DG Edwin Bos
The Rotary Foundation recently established a Rotary Disaster Relief Fund to which Rotary Districts impacted by a Disaster can apply for Funds.  This includes District 6250 should any of our communities or our region face a future Disaster.  If, during this Labor Day weekend, you were thinking about the people suffering through Hurricane Dorian consider a contribution to this Fund.  Please follow the link for more information and to make a donation
UPDATE:  Following just received the evening of September 2nd from Rotary International Leadership concerning Hurricane Dorian.   Read more below from David Stovall in the Bahamas regarding donations targeted specifically for the Bahamas and the US East Coast.
Do You Have Old Musical Instruments Collecting Dust?
by Michael Edlinger, President Madison West Rotary

Did an aspiring Mozart leave behind a musical instrument in your home?  Could this instrument be donated in your community or could your club start an instrument drive?  Madison West Rotary has a program up and running and is donating instruments to local children and their schools.  To be exact, we are interested in collecting used but playable instruments (they do have the means to do some repair) like flutes, guitars, violins, etc.  We forward the instruments to Madison  area schools, and if there are more than they can handle, the Madison Area Music Awards will step in to distribute them. If you have questions on how to start a similar program or if you have some items you want to donate, please contact Michael Edlinger, President of Madison West Rotary, at
Honolulu ... Here We Come!
By DGE Bill Pritchard
Aloha, Rotary!  Discover the true spirit of aloha and Rotary with your family, friends, and fellow Rotarians in Honolulu. It’s the perfect setting for the entire family of Rotary to celebrate, collaborate, and connect while experiencing the warmth and welcome of Honolulu.
The Rotary International convention is one of the only times when people of action from around the world gather in one place to celebrate Rotary. Everyone remembers their first International Conference… this will be the first for my wife Jackie – and we would be honored if you chose to join us! For me… the International Conference boosts my passion for service and provide new perspectives on Rotary’s work in the world. You’ll make new friends and connect with old ones while you explore all that Honolulu and the convention has to offer. I promise that you will return from the convention refreshed and inspired to continue your service and community leadership.
A lot of Rotarians from our District have already signed up – let’s aim to get to 100 or more!  Don’t miss your chance to find and share aloha at the 2020 Rotary Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, June 6-10, 2020.

Register using the link below and save!
New Rotary Friendship Exchanges Announced for 2020
by DG Edwin Bos
You missed the windmill but don't be sad, the District Friendship Exchange Committee of Dave Clemens, Mark Moody and Mark Etrheim have organized an entirely new series of Friendship Exchanges for 2020!  They are set to take District Rotarians to new and exotic locations around the world! 
Don't miss an opportunity to participate and don't forget that you can bring family, friends and kids (HS age recommended).  If a trip is oversubscribed our District policy is to push new RFE'ers to the top of the priority list so this is one of those rare instances where a lack of experience is a real plus! 
And remember, we're always looking for people willing to lead a Friendship Exchange to a country that they are already familiar with ... share you knowledge and love of another country with the entire District!  I did ... see windmill :)  Happy travels! 
One Rotary Summit ... Coming to a Location Near You!
District Governor Nominations - For 2022-23 Rotary Year
by PDG Joe Ruskey
Hello Rotarians!  I am chairing our District’s Nominating Committee this year.   At this point we are asking only for potential candidates.  The forms can be submitted a bit later in the process once we confirm that the suggested candidates are qualified and interested in the interview process.    
I would encourage you to thoughtfully consider Rotarians from all areas within our District who have the qualifications and desire to serve in this position.  If you have any questions, or any qualified candidates you wish to refer, please forward them to me at by September 27th, 2019. 
The 2018-19 Rotary Citation Winners Announced by RI
By PDG Bill Hoel
The 2018-19 Rotary Citation winners were announced by RI in August.  I know not all clubs go after this but pursuit does automatically lead to better engagement so encourage your Club's Leadership to consider it for 2019-20.  All it takes is some simple data entry in Rotary Club Central.  Happy to announce that we had three citation winners last year ... clubs ranging from the big downtown La Crosse Club to an "upstart" like Fitchburg Verona and a small, established club like Deforest.  Just shows that anyone can do it!  Consider following their example this year because a lot of clubs got awfully close as can be seen in the link below.

Pints for Polio - October 24th - Is Your Club Holding an Event?

Piggyback off other Rotarians hard work!  The Madison and La Crosse Area Rotary Clubs are holding a Pints for Polio event on October 24th to coincide with World Polio Day.  Feel free to contact Eric Gormanson of the Fitchburg / Verona Rotary Club to get quick details on how to set it up a similar even in your area ...
Here's one detail.  Pints for Polio shirts can be ordered directly via Madison Top's website at a cost of $15 each. A portion of the price will cover production and the remainder will go back to the clubs.  Clubs should consider donating proceeds to The Rotary Foundation designating the funds for "Eradicating Polio." The shirts, when ready, will be sorted by club and delivered for further distribution.  Clubs from outside the Madison area will need to arrange for pickup of the shirts or pay for shipping to the club.  Shirts will be bulk shipped to each club and they will handle distribution to their individual members. The deadline to order shirts is September 27th.
Polio the Week of August 28th
Current status as reported by the Global Polio Eradication Initiative's Polio Partners Group  consisting of Rotary International, the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
How is Lift Off Going?  The 6250 Mission Control Center
July 1st was the start of our new Rotary Year.  Lift off has been smooth so far.  On the way up we've increased our Inbound Youth Exchange Numbers and, with the start of the school year, started working on new Interact and Rotaract clubs in the District.  As we climb higher we'll be looking at Polio Plus Giving in October and Foundation Giving in November and December.  Please keep all these important Mission functions top of mind and download the Viewing Window below to see how your club is doing.  Help your president turn your club solid GREEN!
No mistake here ... Rotary Youth Exchange is a $24,000 Value ... How Will That Look on the College Application? :)
Contact John today and let the District Membership Committee help you with develop strategies to attract new members!
Contact Linda today and join her at the first ever Madison Area STAR!  "Madison Area" can be interpreted very liberally as anyone in our District.  Great chance to meet other new Rotarians and to spread your wings in this huge and vibrant organization.
Upcoming Events in the District - Road Trip Anyone? :)
Beloit - 100 Years Celebration
Rotary River Center
Sep 10, 2019
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Become A Madison Area STAR
Vitense Golfland
Sep 11, 2019
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Rotary Zone Training Kansas City
Kansas City
Sep 25, 2019 – Sep 28, 2019
Marshfield Noon - 100 Year Celebration
Marshfield, Wisconsin
Oct 07, 2019
One Rotary Summit - Neillsville, WI
Neillsville Country Club
Oct 16, 2019
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Pints for Polio Madison and La Crosse Events
Oct 24, 2019
One Rotary Summit - Sun Prairie
Hilton Garden Inn
Oct 29, 2019
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
View entire list
Bald and Bankrupt - Binge Worthy!
By DG Edwin Bos
Finally, if you haven't happened upon Bald and Bankrupt yet check him out ... am sure many of you will enjoy his many videos and his unique perspective on parts of the world we don't often get a look at.  Obviously a Rotarian at heart because he's doing a bang up job of Connecting the World.
Oh ... and for more Rotary ... the RI RSS Feed!
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