Posted by Heather Dyer on Nov 06, 2013

By Hillary Gavan - Beloit Daily News

Rotary President Elect Jim Olson has been on the lookout for big bellies. He finds them, pats them down and then suggests their owners reduce them to raise money for charity.

After reading the health book “Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It,” by Gary Taubes and then losing 20 pounds, Olson challenged his fellow club members to shed pounds for good causes. He’s committed to paying Rotarians Jim Van De Bogart and Fred Buggs up to $2,000 on behalf of the Beloit Rotary Foundation if they lose weight by Oct. 22, and will give Tom Lasse $2,000 on behalf of Rotary International Foundation’s contribution toward Polio Plus if he can shed pounds by Dec. 10.  Read More