Posted by Heather Dyer on Nov 06, 2013
November, 2013 - Madison West Towne Middleton Rotary welcomed 22-year-old Urban Zihlmann to a recent meeting!

Urban's recent update:  "The university has started again and I am taking five very interesting linguistic courses. The first one deals with the phonology of English, and as I am trying to lose my accent, the things which I learn there come in very handy. In the second course, we are dealing with different dialects and sociolects of English within the United States. The third one deals with the English syntax in a very detailed way, which is really helpful for me as a non-native speaker of this language. Furthermore, as I intend to teach English as a second language abroad, I am taking a class on Second Language Acquisition. I can apply the knowledge which I gain in that particular course to myself as I am adding a seventh language to my repertoire (i.e. Dutch). I am very much enjoying myself here and I am sure that my last two months here in the United States will also be a tremendous experience."

Good luck Urban in your studies and Madison/USA visit!