Governor's Celebration

by Lynn Perez-Hewitt

One of only 529 celebrated in District 6250
Karen Hebert, the newest District Governor for District 6250 is one of only 529 such leaders in the world.
Let that sink in.
There are 529 Rotary Districts: supporting and leading more than 35,000 Rotary Clubs and 1.3 million individual Rotarians. District Governor is a major role in our Rotary World.
Quietly and timely PDG Bill Pritchard passed on the official DG pin to our newest DG, and she set about making the first of what will total 59 club visits.  However, the Rotary Club of Chippewa Falls After Hours decided that quiet, and low-key was not enough.  DG Karen’s home club, the club she helped to found in 2015, decided that she deserved a party to celebrate being one of only 529 in the World.
Saturday afternoon at Erickson Park Pavillions in Chippewa Falls it looked like a tailgate, which was exactly right for this young club and this down-to-earth, passionate leader.  First came the coolers and the beverages (soda, water, and beer, of course), then the ice. The shaded tables held BBQ ribs, pulled pork, beans, potatoes, and cornbread. Friends chatted, stories were shared, and more than a few photos snapped. Eight Past District Governors and our DGE arrived to join the party and share the opportunity to honor a woman clearly up to the challenges ahead.
At 3:02 Master of the Microphone Past President Andy Neborak rang a bell and attention turned to the reason for the party. He shared what DG Karen means to the club. Chartered solely with individuals new to Rotary she modeled the passion and values that assure success for a new club. Which was the perfect lead-in to the induction of their newest member, Heidi Mercer, a longtime friend of, who else, DG Karen.
PDG Dave Warren, tapped to formally install our new DG, was next to speak to the group of nearly 40 friends and colleagues. He began in his own words acknowledging that these are imperfect times and that a whole room of imperfect people who want to serve can and will make a huge difference in the world.
Then he lifted a folded piece of paper and told the group that Karen had sent him a script for the next segment. The crowd laughed in recognition of a leader who is not only fun and generous but on top of details.
Dave went on to make the point that DG Karen is the perfect DG for this year’s Rotary Theme, Serve to Change Lives. Once Karen took her oath it was time for DGE Ben Bauer to step up. Now it was DG Karen who led him in the oath.
Our new DG wrapped up the afternoon by sharing what she had learned when she interviewed Past District Governors before taking on the role of DGN: Demonstrate servant leadership and more.  She closed by saying to all of us, “I am humbled by your fellowship.”
Applause dwindled and Club President Nichole Volbrecht thanked everyone for coming, asked us to keep eating and to stick around for cake!
Congratulations to our 2021-2022 District Governor Karen Hebert.
Karen Hebert & Ben Bauer
The DG Line together again!
Ben Bauer, Karen Hebert, Edwin Bos, Bill Hoel, Joe Ruskey,
Mary Van Hout, Dave Warren, Dean Ryerson, Chuck Hanson