Posted by Heather Dyer on Dec 11, 2011

Ghana Project 2011 -  See the December 2011 Update!

District 6250 – We did it! Thank you!  What started as Rotarian Cheryl  Maders’ vision to simply contribute some funds from the Rotary club of Prairie du Chien to Ghana water project turned into a district wide initiative that showed the strength of Rotary when we work together.  We had over 31 clubs contribute to this project, over 50%.  We had Rotarians and non-Rotarians contribute as well after simply hearing about this project.  It was truly an amazing adventure and project!

I want to give you all a quote that Cheryl and I received from Amanda Robertson, Project Manager from for this project.  When asking for an update in August, she replied back with, “A quick summary: the project is now fully funded and nearing the end of implementation. 87% of the project funds have been distributed to the project sponsors for their use, We expect to make the final installment in the next month or two.”  Fully Funded.  Wow!  Look what you have done.  Let me demonstrate how the dollars you contributed made this possible.  Our clubs donated $36275.  District 6250 matched $30000 of that, turning it into $66275.  RI Matched that total to make it $132550.  USAID then matched, turning it into $265100.  Think of the return on the dollars you donated.  Plus, when you consider that $24 changes a life on this project, look what you have allowed to happen by simply saying yes.  Thank you.

I recently received a powerpoint update from Bob Holden, one of the project sponsors.  Check out these links to see your dollars at work! If you do not have power point on your computer - you can download the power point view at here - prior to opening the files below.

Power Point Part 1
Power Point Part 2

Also, if you would like to be included in further update emails, please contact Joe Ruskey at and you will be added to the mailing list.  Let the other Rotarians in your club know about this as well so they can see their dollars changing lives.