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Rotary One Summit - Tool Kits & Ideas Generated

Greetings, Fellow Rotarians!
Attached is the compilation of all of the ideas / topics etc. produced at last Saturday’s One Rotary Summit.  Having served as one of the facilitators, I have now looked at all the idea sheets, and I am very impressed by the product.  There are definitely some duplications, but many, many great ideas that we can share with our clubs.  I just came back from the monthly area Presidents meeting of Areas 3 and 12.  I think they are all planning on coordinating in their areas to get the Seeing Red Cars video up here at a time when each club for a week will feature it at a club meeting.

Ideas Produced
ORS Online Resources
ORS People of Action
ORS Seeing Red Cars Toolkit
ORS Tool kit
ORS TRF Brief Sheet
You had requested a couple of other items last weekend.  One was the link to the One Rotary Summit Toolkit.  It’s easier if I simply include the .pdf documents that constitute the tool kit, and they are attached, although somewhat out of order.  I’m sure you can overcome that inconvenience.
The other was a link to the People of Action Video.  It’s inside the Brand Center, which you have to log into separately.  So here are instructions:
  1. You must have an account on My Rotary to access any of this material.  If you do not have one, get one.  Either Joe, or me, or your Assistant Governor would be glad to talk you through this.  It takes just a minute or two.
  2. When you log into the Rotary site, you first go to the main page a www.rotary.org.  You then click on My Rotary, which gets you to the My Rotary page.  This is where you log in for the first time – the Login button is at the top of the page, and clicking on it takes you to a box that opens for your username and password.  I would recommend you use a unique password, but let your browser remember that password, so you don’t have to look it up each time.
  3. Once you’re logged in, go to the News & Media tab (second from right), and when you hover over it, you will see “Brand Center” as the second choice from the top.  Click on that, and it will ask you to log in one more time.  It’s the same user & password as the one to get into the My Rotary page.
  4. The People of Action campaign section is the first one on the left below the main graphic for the page.  Click on it, and click on “View Resources” under the People of Action paragraph.
  5. This opens up a selection of various materials you can download.  There are two videos, one 30 seconds long, and one 90 seconds long.  The first one is in the first row of choices.  The longer one is on the second page – it’s the last choice on the second page.  Review the other materials as well – there are pre-formatted letters, Facebook posts, - even a banner.   I downloaded both videos, but they are too large to include with this message.  I will paste the link to this page below, but I suspect you will not be able to get to it without following these steps above:
Once again my deepest thanks to all who participated
Bill Hoel
District Governor Elect
2018-2019 Rotary Year
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