• RI Insurance Coverage for Clubs

Worried about the need for liability insurance for your club's project or fund-raising activity?  It is important to remember that your club is covered for such events through Rotary International.  To learn more about the U.S. Rotary Club & District Insurance Program, as well as review copies of the actual insurance policies, summaries, loss control documents, and the certificate of insurance, please visit the Insurance Information Portal:


Please contact the District office for the Username and Password  608-204-9835 or rotarydistrict6250@morgandata.com

Note: Username and password are case-sensitive.  If you enter the username or password incorrectly you could lock yourself, and your fellow Rotarians, out of the portal for 30 minutes.  If you do find that the portal is not working please call 1-800-921-3172 or email rotary@lockton.com

This portal is for U.S. Rotary club/district use only. Never give access to the portal to a non-Rotarian.

Please feel free to share the link/login to the Insurance Information Portal with those in your Club.

For certificates of insurance:
Please include in the Certificate Holder box:

Certificate Holder Name & Address and
RE: Rotary club/district name, Name of event /Date of event

PLEASE NOTE: The document you issue on the portal is your actual certificate of insurance.  It is not a request for a certificate.  Please hit SUBMIT FORM, print off or save a copy for your records and give a copy to the third party requesting proof of your club’s/district’s coverage. 

ADDITIONAL INSURED ENDORSEMENTS:           If you need the second page additional insured endorsement please send a copy of your signed contract, permit or completed application and the third party insurance requirements to rotary@lockton.com.  If a third party just needs to be listed as additional insured, additional insured status is conveyed in the Description of Operations box on the Certificate of Insurance.  DO NOT enter “additional insured” in the Certificate Holder box because that will invalidate your certificate.


If you are at work and you are unable to access the Insurance Information Portal your company’s firewall is likely blocking your access.  Please try from home or have another member of your Rotary club access the portal.  If you are trying from home and are unable to access the portal make sure you are entering the Username and Password exactly as they appear above.  If you are using a search engine other than Internet Explorer (i.e. Mozilla Firefox or Safari) you will not be able to access the portal.  Please have another member of your club access the portal for you.

If you still have questions/issues please call 1-800-921-3172 or email rotary@lockton.com

Updates on coverage from the Insurance Company:

Fireworks:  There is very limited coverage as relates to fireworks. Fireworks are considered a high risk activity by insurance underwriters; the Program’s coverage is limited to liability arising out of selling pre-wrapped fireworks purchased from a licensed third party or a fireworks display that is part of an event where a third party (not the Named Insured i.e. your local Rotary club) has contracted with a pyrotechnic company.  If the Rotary Club is a sponsor of an event where there are fireworks, the pyrotechnics company should include the Rotary Club as an Additional Insured on their policy (in addition to the party contracting with the pyrotechnics company).  
Club sponsored events with attendance of 25,000:  If your club is organizing an event that draws 25,000 or more attendees, your club is required to purchase a primary special events liability policy.  Include liquor liability if liquor is being served at the event.  When your club is a vendor at the State Fair, this requirement does not apply – but it does apply if your club organizes, sponsors or is putting on the large event.
NOTE:  Just as you cannot “lend” your health insurance coverage to another person you cannot “lend” the Club’s liability insurance to another nonprofit or an organization your Club is working or partnering with on an event.  Always confirm that the other organization has insurance coverage in place.


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